Bulkhead on a Wood Duck

I'm not clear on what I am to do with the bulkhead.  I fillet around it not do not apply tape?  Right or wrong?  Do I at some point cover it with epoxy? Glass?

Please help me out here.  


Coach C

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RE: Bulkhead on a Wood Duck


Fillet your bulkhead with either thickened epoxy or marine silicone. It's not necessary to tape it, but wouldn't hurt to run your seam tape or cockpit cloth onto it by an inch or so. Seal the wood with unthickened epoxy and varnish. No need to use cloth. -Wes

RE: Bulkhead on a Wood Duck

Generally speaking, the fillets will secure the bulkheads.  I, and others, have run the tape for the hull seams up onto the bulkheads for an inch or two for added attachment strength.  Unless you envision yourself getting in the position of literally standing on the bulkhead, you do not need to tape it all around.  It won't come loose.  Like all the interior of the kayak, thoroughly seal the bulkheads with epoxy - two coats minimum.  You do not need to glass the bulkheads.

Hope this helps.

Paul G

RE: Bulkhead on a Wood Duck

I glassed mine on both sides and taped it to the sides and bottom.

Definitely more than what the instructions call for, but having done a wet re-entry into the prototype, I can see the real possibility of giving it a solid kick. That's an awful thin piece of wood to go up unaided against my size 12 DD's, so I gave it a little bit of help since I planned on using the boat as a swim platform.

If you don't see yourself doing wet re-entries or stowing thrashing catfish in the hatch, then skip it.



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