passage maker

anyone have advice about this boat?  how does it sail?  transport? 

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RE: passage maker

Let me try to address your questions, as I am somewhat familiar with the Passagemaker Dinghy.

The boat is a great design; it is a versatile hull, with the largest cargo capacity in the CLC fleet (for now), is easily built by novices, and is a fun boat to sail, row, or motor.  From tender to rowed fishing platform to daysailer, the Passagemaker can do it all.  The standard gunter sloop rig is eye-pleasing as well as efficient.  It is forgiving for new sailors, and powerful enough to satisfy experienced salts.  It is said in certain conditions, a Passagemaker can outsail a Skerry.  As for transport, there are again many options.  At 12 feet and about 100 lbs, a standard Passagemaker can be easily cartopped on a minivan or medium sized SUV.  Other owners transport their Passagemakers on small boat trailers that can be towed by even a compact car. The take-apart version can be transported in the bed of a pickup truck.

In short, if you are looking for a good, all-around small boat, you can't go wrong with a Passagemaker!

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