Wood Duck 10 Deck

Things are moving along with the Duck when I am home to work on it!

Hull is tacked, taped and epoxied.

The deck is just tacked.

My questiuon regards the fact that there is some spread in the deck, just forward of the cockpit the deck is 1" per side wider than the hull. Hull seems true to what the forms were.

Can i go ahead and just filet, tape and epoxy top, let it dry and then attach. Or should I do all of the above and attached to the hull while curing? (with all precautions to keep from sticking)

My concern is that the deck will be to stiff to match to the hull? Am i over thinking this??




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RE: Wood Duck 10 Deck

That's too much of a spread to ignore. Try bringing it in to match the hull using strap clamps or have someone squeeze it in while you wrap it with reinforced strapping tape. Strapping tape is preferable because the epoxy won't stick to it. You can see a photo of how I did that on my Merganser deck at http://twofootartist.com/merganser-construction-notes/ Scroll about half way down the page for the photo.

RE: Wood Duck 10 Deck

Thanks for the feedback.

Just to be clear. My hull has its filets, tape, glass in cockpit and one coat of epoxy.

The deck was tack welded and cured while wire to deck.

Now that the forms are out and such there is the splay i mentioned on the deck. HOWEVER, there is currently no problem wiring tight to the hull.

My question is, after i Filet, tape and put a coat of epoxy on the inside of the deck, will it be more difficult to wire to the hull due to added stiffness??

If so, after the filet, tape and first coat of epoxy, does it make sense to wire it to the deck while the epoxy cures so it will be closer to the correct form?? Then seperate after the epoxy cures, lighthy sand and put second coat of epoxy on the inside, and then do the final epoxy/ wire to bring the decks together.




RE: Wood Duck 10 Deck


I had a similar splay on my WD12. In addition to the fillets & tape, I completely covered the inside of the deck with 4 oz glass. I had absolutely no problem wiring it back on.

The trick is to wire it back on just as soon the epoxy cures beyond the green stage (tack-free and stiff leather consistency). Epoxy takes from 2 to 4 weeks to completely cure, depending on the temperature. Anytime within the first week should be fine.This shoud even allow you to put on a couple of more (thin) coats of epoxy.

Have fun,



RE: Wood Duck 10 Deck


Thanks for the input. I am glad to hear it. I thought it would be OK. But you know how us first timers are...overthinking everything.

Thanks by the way to you and to twofootartist, both of your postings have made this a fun process.

Manual is pretty clear, but nothing beats the voices of experience.

Planning on a second yak, WD12, later in the winter. His n Hers.



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