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I guess we are all rushing to finish our winter boat building projects because  a lot of people are posting varnishing questions. Here's mine.

I'm a first-timer and am puzzled over how to varnish the gunwhale for my Eastport Pram. Both inside outside panels will be painted white so I'm varnishing along a long narrow rounded piece of wood. 

I'm wondering how to apply and tip out the varnish. I would think that both application and tipping should be in the long direction and that I should tip back from the unvarnished part into the varnish. How does that sound?

Should I use two foam brushes, one for application and a drier one for tipping? Or I making the whole thing too complicated?

Also, how do people tip out the last part of an area when there's no dry spot left?

Thanks and happy sailing.


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a abvarnishing along the gunwhalewith the seats, bottom inside panel and inside and outside transoms varnished. 

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RE: Another varnishing question

I think you'll find that a simple foam brush will suffice, and I don't even think you'll need to tip it off.  I'll tip off when I use a roller, but foam brushes leave a pretty smooth coat.  If you don't load it up too heavily, I think you'll find you won't have sags or runs either.


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