Naming the boat

Do any of you name your kayaks?  If so, do you put the name on the boat?  Where?  What sort of lettering would you use (size, script or block, etc)?  Apply the lettering before or after glassing?  Or before or after varnishing?

 I will be starting a West River if it ever arrives.  (Seems like forever!)  I have a name picked out, but don't wish to flaunt tradition if one doesn't name a kayak.  Obviously I'm new to the game.  I just finishing "rebuilding" a 7 foot rowboat that my father built for me 60+ years ago.  (Had to start over, using the old boat for a pattern).  After bending wood and using at least 1,000,000 screws to hold it together, stitch and glue has obvious appeal.  

Thanks for any opinions on the naming thing.



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RE: Naming the boat

Last year about this time I started a thread about naming your boat, I think it won an award for the most responses ;)  I name my boats (already have the names for the next two projects).  In the long set of responses there were opinions expressed on both sides. 

I used a block style font called Eras Bold ITC... cause it looked good.  For my first boat, a seaflea I built in my early teens, I masked and painted the letters myself.  30 years later I have gradutated to stick on vinyl letters.  It was for my SOF.  For my WD12 & C18 I am planning the tissue paper under fiberglass method... font yet to be determined.  Nice thing with the vinyl method, it goes on after you are all done and can be changed.  8 months and a couple of winter paddles later she still looks great.

Long and short of it, it is your boat, your project, do what you want.

P.S. What name did you come up with?

RE: Naming the boat

BTW, here is the link to the other post I was referring to:

RE: Naming the boat

I named my boats mostly so I could tell people which yak I was taking out, but then it became fun.  My composite is known as the gator because it is orange & blue and I am in FL.  It has vinyl stick ons that say Gator

My first Stripper was named the Whale but I just used a graphic on the bow no lettering and that was done with rice paper.

Then came the SeaHorse which has a graphic on the bow and lettering on the inside of the combing also done with rice paper

Rise Above was next with lettering and small graphic on the deck in front of the combing and a build tag in the cock pit also rice paper

At the moment is Flyin' High which is under construction

And my next is going to be Boobie.  I found this veneer on ebay of a Blue Footed Boobie that I plan on using.

You can see how and what I have done on all of mine so far here

RE: Naming the boat

Thanks for the replies David and kayakkev.  That was quite a string, David!  

I will be using the mallard onlay and have decided on " The Rare Mallard" (emphasis on the last syllable).  Thereby lies a story.  When my son was in junior high school, he had an Earth Science teacher who was also the football coach.  One day, while discussing wildlife, he referred to "the rare mallard" which, he noted, is found only in the Southeastern U.S.  (Needless to say, he emphasized the last syllable).  Ever since, (my son is now 40) we have referred to the millions of mallards that inhabit the Finger Lakes as "the rare mallards."  I understand that I will always have to explain the "correct" pronunciation, but it should be a good conversation starter.  

Thanks again for the help.




RE: Naming the boat

Kayakkev, how do you use rice paper?  I am new to building kayaks, the Matunuck is my first.  I am thinking of naming it with gold lettering up near the side, where the scarf joint is (we changed from a puzzle joint, and it looks great).  I am following CLC's example (on the model shown on the site, the two toned one).  I just don't yet have a real good idea or reason for naming it.  I could use a name from a beach I used to go to.  Malibu.  Rincon.   Zuma.  Something like that.  Anacapa. 

Does anyone have a suggestion for me?  I'm a girl, so I can't name it Boobie.  Although that is cute. 




RE: Naming the boat

I came across this website that I plan on using for my Annapolis Wherry when I'm finished.  Going to name the boat after my old Jack Russell Terrier who just died a couple of months ago.

Looks pretty straightforward


RE: Naming the boat

Hi Dawn,

There are many discussions on this forum as to how to apply graphics, it is where I learned how.  Or you could look at my site at the yaks I have built and it shows you how.

But in a nut shell.... you print what you want from your puter, to the rice paper, and then epoxy it on with your fill coats.  If you want to email me directly, I will give you step by step.  I don't want to take over this posting.

And I like Anacapa.  Sounds very close to Valley Kayaks Anacuta, which I am still waiting on John....

RE: Naming the boat

And yes, before anyone corrects me it is called Anas Acuta.  And John Harris here at CLC told me a couple of years ago that they were going to put a wood version on the market.

RE: Naming the boat

There is still a mention of the Valley Anas Acuta kit under CLC's "New Boats" link. Now listed for 2010.

I believe the phrasing remained much the same last year, back when it said, '2009':) 

I guess good things come to those who wait. And the kit, when it shows up, will almost certainly be one year better! Any prototype pictures?


Ogata, eric

RE: Naming the boat



by Anacapa, do you mean the island, or s there a local beach I didn't know about? 




-- James (also of the LA area) 

RE: Naming the boat

James, I took a daytrip to the Anacapa Islands once, and the beach there is what I was thinking about.  It was wild and pristine with so many cool things on it like abalone shells, big hunks of quartz, live abalone, great tide pools.  It wasn't really a beach, per se, but it was very - prehistoric looking. 


RE: Naming the boat

Frenchies Cove is wonderful. The first time I landed there, however, was when I really understood how much abuse a RIB can take, and that beach in particular is one of the places I'm scared to death to drop a gorgeous wood and glass kayak. Still, it is gorgeous, and a worthy island to name a small boat after :)


-- James

RE: Naming the boat

That's it, Frenchy's or Frenchies Cove.  We went in from the Port Hueneme (sp) side.  But I think I'll name my boat Zuma, since the Matunuck is a very small boat.  I think the longer name of Anacapa would be too much. 


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