Shearwater deck prep

I'm building a 17' s & g Shearwater and completed glassing the underside of the deck.  Does it require another coat of epoxy, or is varnish sufficient at a later stage?

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RE: Shearwater deck prep

No need for more epoxy unless you actually have exposed glass threads. You fill the weave only for looks and it just adds weight, not strength. A coat of varnish will make a huge difference in looks though.

RE: Shearwater deck prep


I built a Shearwater some years back.  Just use one coat of thin epoxy and soak up the excess with a roll of toliet paper or paper towels.  3-4 floodlight down low will expose any puddles of epoxy.  Thick epoxy just adds weight.   NO varnish.  It is the underside and won't be sxposed to sun & again just adds weight.  Just sand lightly and you will have a strong and smooth surface.  I would recommend varnishing the cockpit floor though -- anyplace where the sun may hit. 

Another tip.  When you cloth the hull lay the smallest piece down first of the 3-layers.  The manual will will have you lay the largest piece down first but if you do this you will get threads and it is just messy.  (Standard practice in aerospace modeling)


RE: Shearwater deck prep

Thanks for the tip, Darryl.

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