Wood Duck 10 questions

At the bow:  the bottom panels are 1/4 inch longer than the side panels.  And the right side of both panels are about 1/8 inch longer front to back. 

How or do I correct these alignments?

Transom:  The transom is 1/4 inch higher than the side panel.  I have rewired this at least two times.  What now? 

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RE: Wood Duck 10 questions


RE: Wood Duck 10 questions

Sounds as if the side panels are curved more than the bottom ones and the left side is curved more than the right. You can verify this by stretching a string from bow to stern and comparing the locations and depths of the maximum curve points.

As far as what to do about it - try loosening the stitches on the ends and tightening the ones in the middle. It's not necessarily going to be that simple, but it's a good first try.

If you get really tired of all the fiddling and the shape is one you're willing to settle for, a sander & plane will take care of the extensions. That'll let you get on with the building and you can go for perfection next boat. But if you aren't willing to settle, keep adjusting those stitches.

I wouldnt worry about the transom until the hull is the way you want it.

Good luck,


RE: Wood Duck 10 questions


An additional thought. The mismatch in the curves are not necessarily anything that you're doing wrong. Wood is a natural product and its bending qualities are determined by which side of the tree it came from, whether the tree grew on a hill or in a valley, the prevailing wind direction in the forest, etc. So don't beat yourself up about this. It's just something that can happen when you're bending thin layers of wood into tight curves.



RE: Wood Duck 10 questions

I bow to you with thanks and will get right on with correcting the bow then get back to you about the rear end. 

I am hoping you have a great day!  

Coach C. 

Follow up

I reworked the bow as suggested by Laszo. It is now much more tolerable.  The bottom panels are still longer than the sides, but the rest is much better aligned.

I also reworked the transom.  It is better but is still high by 1/8 inch.  Is this a matter of sanding it level with the sides?   I wired and rewired several times. 

Now I'm going for a margarita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for everyones help.  

Coach  C.



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