Plans build Wooduck 12

Hi Folks,

 As my first post on this forum I would like to ask about building from plans, specifically:

 - I have built using lauan plywood in the past with really good results. The lauan I have now has very nice even plies (plys?) and appears to be good quality, way better than what I have used in the past. This is my first kayak and will not be a showroom piece. Should I fear any bending problems using this plywood? It is just shy of 1/4" thick.

- my intention is to tape the inside and outside of the seams, coat with epoxy and then paint. Will taping the outside provide enough strength. I don't want to cover the bottom with fiberglass cloth. This kayak will be used for inland lakes and stereams and will only see abuse during transport...... My lauan sailboat (11 ft) has taken evertything I can give it including 2 adults and stress from high wind with no worries.

- I will be using latex house paint to finish. I have had great luck with that and it is as tough as anything. The lauan sailboat I built a number of years ago still looks great and has not been touched up. It is stored outside (has about 10 inches of snow on it right now at -4 degree F).

 Thank you for any advice/opinions. It is great to be building again.

 Ed Z - Minnesota

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RE: Plans build Wooduck 12

The latex paint will work just fine. The 1/4" luan won't. You need the exterior glass.

The WD12 has some very extreme bends. 1/4" plywood is way too thick to make those bends. You really need the thinner wood. For that matter, the wood should be okoume, not luan. Okoume is much more flexible than luan.

Finally, with wood thin enough to make those bends, you really need the glass to protect the wood from abrasion.



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