Transom on wood duck 10

Help!! how does the transom fit in?  The manual is very vaque.


All help is appriciated.  

Coach C.

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RE: Transom on wood duck 10

Strictly speaking this is for a WD12, but I think that it's close enough for you to use. Click for a larger picture. Probably the most important thing is the bevelling. If the hull & transom edges are not bevelled enough, the transom will pop out. On my WD12 I drilled some extra holes to allow additional wires.

 From the CLC construction gallery there's:


Hope this is enough to get you going. If not, come back with more specifics.

Happy New Year,



RE: Transom on wood duck 10

Thanks for the help.  The picturres really help this visual learner.

Hang around I'm sure I'll have other questions.

Coach C


RE: Transom on wood duck 10

Glad to be of service. If it's pictures you need, there's always CLC's construction photo gallery accessible from the WD10 page using the "Construction Gallery" button. They're mostly high quality color versions of images from the manual, but there's also some that didn't make it into the manual.

For a somewhat different take, there's my website, Building a Wood Duck 12 . It's a somewhat different set of photos, as well as commentary and descriptions from a garage builder's point of view, as opposed to a professional builder's. There's also a some labor-saving ideas and construction variations.

Have fun. Once you get the hull closed and the transom on, you're over the hard parts.



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