Cockpit placement

I don't imagine many of you have run into this problem because this half-completed boat I have adopted was not built strictly to the plans and I imagine most of you are working more strictly from the plans.

It's mostly alright, but I have found that while trying to do the final placement of the cockpit, the rear opening ends up 3/8" from the rear bulkhead.  It appears the rear bulkhead was placed a tiny bit closer to the bow than the plans show.  The plans indicate more space than that between the cockpit opening and the bulkhead - maybe an inch to an inch and a half?

I can easily shorten the cockpit opening to about 5/8" to conform to the plan.  Is there a reason to have this space between the rear bulkhead and the rear opening of the cockpit?  Perhaps the backboard support needs some clearance, or??? Do I need that space to hang the back of the seat?

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RE: Cockpit placement

It's not critical. All you need is enough space to anchor the bungie cords attached to the back of the back band.  The back band will set up clear (forward) of the hatch opening anyway, and the space behind the back band isn't of much use for anything.  You'll probably drive the mounting screws in at an angle (perhaps you'll need them to be slightly longer) rather than perpindicular, but that's about it.

RE: Cockpit placement

Hi Jim,

Your experience is much appreciated & I'll be able to move along without much worry about this issue; today, I am glassing the hull, then the deck wil soon follow.  It's beginning to get exciting to be so close to the finish line!


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