Positioning the Shear Clamp on a Shearwater 16

Positioning the Shear Clamp:

I’m building a Shearwater 16 and I have a question about where to position the shear clamps.

Does the shear clamp run all the way from the bow to the stern with a bevel at each end?  If so, how do you bend the shear clamp to accommodate the hull curves, especially at the stern? 

If not, how far back from the bow and stern do I recess the shear clamps?




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RE: Positioning the Shear Clamp on a Shearwater 16


The plans should tell you how far from each end to run the clamps... mine was about 3-5 inches stern & bow, respectively.  As to accommodating curves in the hull, don't sweat that... they're so long they'll curve very gently along the entire length of the boat - very little effort involved in that! 


RE: Positioning the Shear Clamp on a Shearwater 16

I think the idea is that the end pour fills the gap between the end of the sheer clamp and the pointy end of the bow.  If your sheerclamp is a bit too long, you can always take a saw to it once the bow is partly wired up. Some people run the clamp all the way and then carefully cut a compound miter  to let the clamps meet neetly.  Either way works.  I took the lazy way (short clamps) on my first boat, went for the "more sophisticated" method on the second.


I can not tell any difference in the way the boat looks or behaves.

Happy paddling.




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