staining a strip deck

Does anyone know what kind of stain is good to use on the strips for a strip deck? The one that was recommended, Behlen Solar Lux, is not water based and that is the recommended type. Denise

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RE: staining a strip deck

I had asked the same question and the receievd the same response. Nick Schade actually responded to me and verified that is what he uses. I was going to stain my Petrel, but I was delighted at how the natural colors looked and I just glassed it without the stain. I have learned not to sweat the details, just get her done and go paddling !

RE: staining a strip deck

Staining a strip deck can be a tricky business.  You have to make absolutely sure that no glue gets on the strips when glueing them together.  If it does you will want to make sure to sand it off before staining.  Otherwise the glue seals the wood against the stain and you will end up with spots.  Of course this could be avoided by staining the strips before assembly....

RE: staining a strip deck

Actually I need to correct myself.  Staining the strips before assembly is a bad idea.  This is because the stain is likely to be sanded off during the fairing process.  

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