I'm baaaack

OkoumeFest has revitalized me!  With my recent job change I've not had the time to lurk on the builder's forum lately, but OkoumeFest has stirred the creative juices to build another boat.  What to build, what to build?  I really fancy the Pocketship, but I'm not sure I could afford it now or get it done by next OkoumeFest.  I've got a few ideas for a Skerry that I'd like to try.  Hopefully John H. will have the kit and price for Pocketship finalized before the June 4 deadline. 

It was nice seeing everyone again at OkoumeFest, and once again the staff at CLC put on a good show.

 John Beck

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RE: I'm baaaack

Enthusiasm is a good thing! But watch those "creative juices", they destroy the bond of epoxy in excess. Skerry is a proud craft and my next one. CLC makes this entirely too easy!


Bill C. 

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