halfassed joinery

Well, so my carpentry skills need some (lots of) practice. I've started stripping the deck on my Shearwater 17 hybrid and some of the seams are showing gaps. Especially in the bow and stern where the long pieces come together. I am concerned that when I go to lift the deck off the forms it will blow apart. Should I fill the gaps with thickened epoxy? I know this will show, but cie la vie.

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RE: halfassed joinery

I left some bad joints on both of my strippers.  The ones I fill with epoxy and wood fiber doesn't show at all.  The ones I missed I only notice when I am carring my boat to the river...the sun shines thru them.  The epoxy and fiberglass seals them,  so there's no leaks. just makes me wonders whileI am paddling.


RE: halfassed joinery

You want to get your joints as tight as you can of course, but it doesn't always work.  Putty is your friend.


RE: halfassed joinery

An optimist says half-an-ass is better than no-ass.

Everyone here will probably know what I mean when I say:

You'll work the problem. Don't worry. One-hurdle-at-a-time is the point, and the joy, of boat-building.

 And then, you'll know what to do next time. 

Cos', there's always a next time!

Merry X-Hanukah-Kwanza-Mas, from some guy in Australia, who just paddled the Clyde, is a beautiful lively thing, made from crap-joints and half-ass-solved problems!


RE: halfassed joinery

"...'is' beautiful lively..." = in

Posting with three-quarters-of-an-ass-full of 101 Proof 12yo Wild Turkey and no edit function =  bleh... ;)



RE: halfassed joinery

Yup. My wife will get the next (better) boat

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