cockpit coaming questions

working on the cockpit on my wood duck 12 and got some questions, is the coaming supposed to be equidistant from the deck around the whole coaming or is it supposed to angle downwards towards the bow?  Are the "fillets" as it is written in the manual that go around the coaming beside the spacer supposed to have wood flour or just silica? Also, can you just use one spacer as opposed to two b/c i think it looks better for coaming to be closer to the deck.  Thanks for the help,


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RE: cockpit coaming questions



Coamings serve several functions and as to the height from the deck, I would certainly use both spacers. This will help keep waves that wash over the deck from entering the cockpit, and give you a chance to attach a cockpit cover should you choose.

Not having built a wood duck, I can't help with the angle and leave that to the more experieced.

Do the instructions say to use flour or silica? Silica makes a strong glue, while the flour allows for better shaping as a rule.

RE: cockpit coaming questions


If you follow the instructions the angle will be automatically set for you. The spacers will set the distance between the coaming and the hull. Since they follow the curve of the hull, in general the coaming will be equidistant all all points. Click on the picture below to get a larger image of the WD12 coaming that will show you the angles.

I used just wood flour for the fillet, I don't think it makes any real difference, except in ease of sanding.

You need both spacers. The gap is necessary for the cover and the sprayskirt to get a good grip, unless you want to custom make your own.

Making the coaming, expecially the fillet, is much easier and cleaner if you shape the coaming first, then attach it to the hull. That gets rid of the need to sand between the coaming and the deck. Instead, you sand each piece before you assemble it. If you want more details on how to do this, check out my WD12 blog coaming page.

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