the fillets

Is it necessary to tape the outside of the joins to prevent epoxy seepage before filleting?

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RE: the fillets

I did not tape outside of joint and had almost no leakage.  I was careful to oppose the edges prior to this step and that helped I would think.  

Keep up the good work


RE: the fillets

Thanks Dan

RE: the fillets


If I'm not too late (i.e., you've completed them by now), the catch to great fillets is really thick epoxy... like peanut butter!  The trouble with thickening that stuff is that when you think you've got it right, it still has a fair amount of mobility and will run out of places (like bulkhead/hull seams).

I found I had to use almost double the amount of flour or Cab-o-sil I'd originally anticipated needing.  Couple early disasters resulted but I've kinda figured out the formula by now.

Another reason not to tape the outside seams is that you eventually have to glass over them and you'd just be creating a sanding job for yourself....

Good luck,


RE: the fillets

I'll be the contrarian here :-) I've always taped mine after the first time when they leaked all over the floor and I never had any excessive sanding to do afterwards.

Making the putty thick enough not to run really eats up the woodflour.

The take-away here seems to be that either way works.



RE: the fillets

Thanks for your replies chaps. Good advice


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