sheerclamp excess epoxy

hi finally starting work on the yak after moving,my problem is dried epoxy oozed out along the proud side of clamp any suggestions on best way to remove without damaging top edge of ply,cheers everyone it's good to be back at it

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RE: sheerclamp excess epoxy

It should come off as you plane down the sheer clamps.  I wouldn't worry about it until then, and at that point it'll take care of itself, no?

Same thing happened to me but I don't recall doing anything to remove the excess prior to planing.

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RE: sheerclamp excess epoxy

I ran a belt sander down the sheer clamp to knock off the chunks. Than the planing and further belt sanding has the sheer clamps looking good now. Today I will finish this process.  It was one of the things I worried about before beginning but has been quite staight forward. Good luck.


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