Footbrace Mounting KIt

I am getting ready to build a wood duck10 using a kit. This will be my first attemp at boat building.   I am trying to decide between  using  the footbraces that come in the kit or the optional  kit.  I like the idea of no screws in the hull, however I want to stay with in my pay grade as a novice.  Like to hear some pros and cons.  ThankCoach C

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RE: Footbrace Mounting KIt


I'm not sure what came with your kit, but at $12.50, the footbrace mounting kit is a good deal.  Plus, I can't imagine you'll want those screws showing on the sides of your boat... well above the waterline.

The only learning points I found when installing mine was (1) to use very thick epoxy to hold the bolt plates to the hull (before you glass them over).  Mine started to slide a little because my glue wasn't thick enough and I had to prop a couple of them in place.  (2) Be careful in marking their location - put them on your foot braces (sold separately or manufactured by you) and mark out their circumference with a strong pencil/marker so you're alignment is accurate vis-a-vis the braces.  My fit is so close that 1/8" off center would've resulted in the braces not fitting over the bolts after the epoxy cured.

Good luck,


RE: Footbrace Mounting KIt


I can't think of any reason that I'd ever want to go to all that trouble of making a light water-tight hull, then punch holes in the sides. I've used the no-hole mounting kits for a CH16LT and a WD12 and have been very happy with them. You can avoid the problems Larry mentions if you put them on before attaching the deck. In that case you can use clamps to hold them in place and leave the tracks attached to hold everything in alignment while the epoxy cures. Click on the picture below for a larger image of how I did it on my WD12. Or, go to Attaching the Footbraces for a detailed description.


RE: Footbrace Mounting KIt

I am a total novice, having never installed footbraces, but I did order the fiberglass type mounts for my Shearwater 14 build (just started).  One tip I saw on a web site is to mark the footbrace peg location with the footbraces attached, remove the footbraces and get the pegs set in place in the thickened epoxy/glass cloth layup.  Then wrap the footbraces in plastic and put them on the pegs and leave them on for the cure.  This way the pegs cure at exactly the right locations.  The plastic on the footbraces ensures they won't be fiberglassed on at the same time (hopefully!)

As I said, I haven't gotten to this step yet, but it seemed like a good plan to me.

 Good luck!

RE: Footbrace Mounting KIt


Thanks for you help.  I did not really ask my question very well but you did give me part the answer I was looking for.  

What I am wondering is is the internal mounts that much harder to install for a first timer? 

Thanks again,

Coach C

RE: Footbrace Mounting KIt

Gee this is a great site.  Thanks for all the help I'm getting it faster than I can reply. 

Coach J

RE: Footbrace Mounting KIt

Coach C,

Answer to your question is "NO."  Installing these brace mounts is no harder than any other part of the build..., like everything else on the kayak construction, a little patience (and the extraordinary properties of epoxy) make it just another step in the process.

Go for the internal bolts.  As Laszlo says, why would you paint a Renoir and then hang the bare canvas with a nail!??!

Keep us posted,


RE: Footbrace Mounting KIt

Hmmmm, I guess everyone has different ways to install them.  To answer your question, the hardest part of installing is figuring out where they go.  My first 2 yaks I went with thru bolts, my 3rd and my present build I am going internal.  Either way is easier before connecting the deck to hull.

to install the internal, I used the braces to mark the location of the bolt holes on a 2x2, drilled it and used that to hold the bolts at the proper distance as I used a thick epoxy (epoxy88) to glue them on.  Once set, I covered the bolts in duct tape to protect the threads as I glassed the bolts to the hull.  Install braces and tape the 2 yak halves together... go paddle

Neither way is any harder than the other, just if you object to looking at the screw heads on the outside.

RE: Footbrace Mounting KIt

Okay, I'm going with the internal mounts!~  Thanks to all of you who answered my shoutout.  Coach C

RE: Footbrace Mounting KIt

I agree to install the studs before attaching the deck. I attached the studs to the braces to assure proper spacing, then attached them to the hull with five-minute epoxy, holding them in place with duct tape. When the epoxy set I struggled for another five minutes prying the braces off the studs. Lesson learned: coat the threads and braces with vaseline before gluing them in place, and use only enough epoxy to hold the studs in place while you glass them on permanently. -Wes

RE: Footbrace Mounting KIt

here is something on this site i just found about placement of the foot braces.

this site is full information.  i will try this on my build.


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