Salirig MKII w/built in keels preliminary report

Finally took the rig out for a test run on the tandem! I had 5-10 kt winds and I sailed both solo and with a partner. This thing rocks! I could easily match the windspeed on a reach, upwind ability seems good, she tacks without assistance (though a bit slowly), and the helm felt very balanced... just a slight pull to weather. The windsurf rig (freestanding) seems to be working well though it is taking some getting used to as its so stiff and flat its almost like a wing rather than a sail. The built in keels are performing beyond my expectations: the windward side easily lifts totally clear and I'm seeing very little leeway once I get up to speed. I can't wait to try it on my LT17 but its still in recovery from the surgery. My only complaint is the restriction the akas place on my paddlestroke, I may have to move the mounting points aft 6-8". Wow, I can't imagine trying to paddle this thing with the stock aka spacing of 48" (mine are 63" apart). I'll update with higher wind performance and pics as soon as I get a chance.


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RE: Salirig MKII w/built in keels preliminary report

and a pic....mabye

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