Welcome to the new site...

Well, here we are, full of aches and pains but up and running.  We'd love to hear from you as you uncover little things that are awry---just click here and blast away. 

It's a vast site, and catching every little thing before we rolled it up was beyond human capability.  (To say nothing of boatbuilder capability.)


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Forum Archive...

...Note that we're still uploading the forum archives from the old site to the new.  Should have everything from the old site, through today, up on the new site in "Forum Archive."


RE: Welcome to the new site...


Congratulations to you and your staff on a job well done!  The new site looks great and I especially appreciate seeing more customer boat photos!

Ron Paro

RE: Welcome to the new site...

Just the problem with Canadian registrations....the selection for "State" does not include provinces and if you leave it blank it will not carry on with contry or postal code.


RE: Welcome to the new site...

I'm in Australia, but had to choose a US/Canadian "State", as it had no other countries listed and wouldn't let me prodeed otherwise.

 Short version: Alabama is now part of Australia. 

 Bow down before your laconic, leather-tanned, Speedo-clad overlords!


Jimmy Skiff specs list Beam as 2".  I know it's relatively narrow for a sailboat, but it's not THAT narrow!

RE: Welcome to the new site...

Thanks for the catch, Ron!

RE: Welcome to the new site...

Only a minor nit: replies to a message should appear most-recent last, rather than first.

Other than that - looks good!


RE: Welcome to the new site...

Lots of cute little touches. Like the alternate text for the "click here" link in John's message being "And so the complaints begin...", as well as the "VIEW CART" icon being a kayak dolly. Still looking for the ship's cat. Maybe she crawled into a pocket somewhere.



RE: Welcome to the new site...

I just ordered my first kit: a San'O 16. I am very excited. I have wanted a paddleboard for so long and now I get to build my own. I was on the FAQ page and the link to the list of tools that I'll need is not working.

I am looking forward to my project. Thanks CLC!


RE: Welcome to the new site...

Small images...  The small optimized images are great for fast page loading, but at least some of the product images are too small, even after clicking the link for the  larger, 'More Images' pop-ups. 

Maybe it's just that my vision is not as good as it used to be, but it's difficult to see the detail of many products.  I noticed this particularly when looking at the T-Shirt designs.  (Shopping for that new Spring wardrobe)

RE: Welcome to the new site...

Some kind of indication that a new post has occurred within a topic would be useful, too.



RE: Welcome to the new site...

G'day from  New Zealand,

I have just registered as I have a mill creek 16 en route (wee hassle with the shipping company but hopefully all fixed now - Hi Mark), just waiting for the customs gods to OK it and bleed me of some more of my hard earned then I should have it.

Any way, on the new site - looks good/better but had had same problem as my Australian counterpart when registering - I now live in Alabama, New Zealand.

Also, am I blind or is there no search function for the forums? I can see the search site box but that gives me a whole bunch of stuff I don't want - I just want to search the forums before asking questions that have been asked a hundred times before, like how much resin do you typically use on a mill creek 16? (as my kit shipped without it - being hazardous etc). I can buy 4 litre containers down here - would that be enough to do a full kit? Also am looking at West system - anybody use that gear? It's either that or International (epiglass) down here.



RE: Search the new site...(Forum and archives)


G'day from New Hampshire,

Regarding the Search function, it looks like the Search box on the upper right side of the page applies to the entire CLC site.  If you want to search just the forum (including the archives), you can use Google's advanced search and type in the site, or just enter a search phrase like this in the standard Google Search page:

Mill Creek site:http://www.clcboats.com/forum/

 This will result in searching the forum pages for the words, "Mill" and "Creek".

Hope this helps! - Ron

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