Wood Duck 12 launched in Corpus Christi, Texas

Well, yesterday was the maiden voyage for my first ever kit built kayak. I must say it was a real pleasure to paddle this boat and I probably had a grin the whole time I was out. Great design Eric and CLC. I learned two things with this kayak. Number one is that the perfect showroom varnish finish that I tried to obtain and never achieved does not really matter after dinging my boat at least twice yeserday. Once on the truck getting the boat off in a pretty stiff wind, and once when I landed after my paddling session. I grounded the boat on gravel an shells and well there is another ding. The second thing I learned is that you really do need a spray skirt when the water is anything but calm. I headed into 1 to 1 and 1/2 foot seas with the wind into my face and after a few waves I took one right over the bow that made my nether regions rather wet and cold. So, my next purchase will be for a spray skirt.

If I could figure out how to post a picture I would do so, so that I could show my small amount of customization. I made my own latches for the hatch in back and used cocobolo because I like the contrast with the sapele. I also used cocobolo to make a small one fingered handle on the hatch so I could get a good grip and not loose it over the side should I need to get into the hatch while on the water. That's it. I believe my and my WD12 will be making many fishing trips starting next weekend.

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RE: Wood Duck 12 launched in Corpus Christi, Texas


You can upload your photos here (http://www.tinypic.com/) for free and then copy the tag line for message boards [/IMG]jadoiubopuapoierhv[IMG] into the text of your post... will link to their website and your photos.  Just delete the [/IMG]'s before or after you post them (I copy the tags into a wordpad document while uploading them, then paste them into my post).

Boat sounds great... I'm inclined to agree with you on those showroom quality finishes.  I want a nice looking boat but there has to be a cost-benefit medium in that equation, especially if you plan to use the boat!


RE: Wood Duck 12 launched in Corpus Christi, Texas


Congratulations!  I look forward to seeing some pics when you can post them.

My Wood Duck is still a few months away from the water, but I can tell you that I have become well practiced at the art of balancing care and utility.  I make an effort to protect my various "things" from nicks and dings, but when they do collect signs of use I don't worry about it!

Enjoy the fishing...


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