Chesapeake LT17 - Attaching the foot brace

I am currently building a Chesapeake 17LT and I am tossing around a couple of ideas for attaching the foot braces without drilling through the hull.  One idea I am considering is to epoxy a 3/8” thick western cedar strip to the inside of the hull and screw the foot brace to the cedar strip with a 1 ¼ “ bronze screws.   Are there any other recommended methods?






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RE: Chesapeake LT17 - Attaching the foot brace


Yes, CLC sells a kit for installing your braces without drilling holes in the boat.  You glass/epoxy four threaded studs to the inside hull, then bolt your braces to that.

I doubled up on the glass coverage just to feel safe, but they worked great!  And the worst thing I think you can do to one of these beautiful boats is have screw-heads showing on the bright sides.

Only caution I'd give on this kit is to use very thick epoxy to set the studs; any runiness and they'll tend to slide down the side of the hull before they cure.

Here's the link to their "Foot Brace Mounting Kit:"

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