? about Mill Creek 16.5

Pondering the thought of building one of these boats but I have a concern about the weight carrying capibilities of the craft.

The wife and I are not small people, between the two of us we will tip the scales over 450 pounds which is over it's carrying abilities according to this site.

I question this only because other manufactures of plastic boats of same size / style and shape carry much more weight.

Do I need to be concerned?

I also have questions on the conversion to be able to sail this boat. Do you make a trimaran or do you just add a lee board, rudder and sail and use it as a mono hull?  Could a dagger board trunk be added to the boat rather than lee boards?

Thank you for your time in advance.

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RE: ? about Mill Creek 16.5

As a MC 16.5 owner, I think 450# is going to be tomuch.  While I mostly row my MC as a single, my wife and I have paddled it a few times.  We have a combined weight of under 350 and the boat feels plenty loaded to me.  I think you would do better with a Chesapeake or Shearwater Double.  Regarding sailing, see the CLC Sail Rig.

Paul G

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