Guillemot Expedition Single

I am interested in building the Guillemot Expedition Single but want an independent assessment of its' handling in wind and waves. I intend to use it loaded for touring on open water (Great Lakes). How about the stability and ability to carry a 10 day load of gear? It's a pretty long boat to edge and turn---will it? I need a big boat for my big body. Any comments form owner/ builders will be helpful.

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RE: Guillemot Expedition Single

You can see the one I built here

To answer your questions... Yes it handles very well, easy to turn with edging, and it will easily hold you & your gear.  Mine went on a 14 day trip around the Keys.

I did find that it Weathercocks however.  You can adjust this by edging while paddling or add a skeg.

And this boat is soooo stable, I almost found this yak boring in anything less than 4 foot seas. LOL

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