Far Easton Plywood

I have just purchased Marine plywood from my local builders merchant to start building my chesapeake 17lt but now worried as to weather the ply is good enough.

On the receipt it just states far easton marine ply BS1088. Could this be Okume?


Many thanks 

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RE: Far Easton Plywood

Easton Marine Marine ply BS1088  = Okume African Mahogany

RE: Far Easton Plywood

I probably should have mentioned that i live in England so far east from here is more like Asia, I think it could be Merranti or something like that its got a reddish type colour to it and is stamped BS1088.




RE: Far Easton Plywood


I would be very careful.  There is a lot of so-called BS-1088 Okoume Marine Ply coming out of China which is sub-standard.  I live in South Africa and have just started building a Chesapeake 16 Kayak.


I battled to source high-quality BS-1088 Okoume Ply.  Lots of Chinese stuff (but I try not to do business with the Chinese) but I eventually sourced some French BS-1088 which you should be able to get in the UK.


You mentioned the colour being "reddish". Okoume has a pinkish tinge to it. but can be blander.



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