Wood Duck 10 Transom

Got my Duck last Friday. All is going very well. Love the way the curves on the boat develop as you stich it together.

I am however strugling with getting a good fit of the transom piece. All the curves make it very hard to get the transon flush to the other panels.

Any tricks?? 


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RE: Wood Duck 10 Transom

I am just completing a WD12 and I also had some problems with the transom. I just used some big spring clamps and drill more holes for wire stitching. Now that I am on my second coat of varnish, the extra holes are long gone under epoxy and varnish.

RE: Wood Duck 10 Transom

The transom piece is a common source of challenge/frustration with the WDs. I know I drilled extra holes for more wire, used hot water & rags, and even screwed in temporary pieces of wood across the inside to hold it together. I did/undid it several times, over several days. There should be several posts about this topic in the archives- try searching for WD and see what comes up.

 Laszlo may also have something on this building blog http://www.morocz.com/BoatBuilding/DuckBuild.htm

Good luck, Ralph


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