glassing the cockpit

Another newbie question...

Do the bulkheads get glassed inside the cockpit? The instructions call for a 6 foot piece of glass, but the cockpit is only 4.5 feet (approx). The pictures and written directions are unclear

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RE: glassing the cockpit

oops..I answered my own question...the glass is 4.5' wide.

RE: glassing the cockpit


I didn't glass my bulkheads, but I did run the glass up over the bulkhead seams about 2" (similar to taping the hull seams).  My bulkheads are made from MG Fir, so after epoxying them I primed and painted them with an exterior oil-based paint... I think I'm safe.

Good luck with the build!


RE: glassing the cockpit

I did not run the glass up the bulkheads. and I'm not sure why they tell you to use a 6' length of glass as 4.5 would do. Unless they are expecting you to glass the bulkheads and run the sheet lengthwise. I am liking the quality of the kit, but I am finding the instructions to be a bit vague for a newbie. Thankfully this forum is here. Here a picture. I think it turned out ok. I'm going to touch up a few things and start working on outside of the hull. I'm thinking of putting a decorative hardwood strip on the bow and stern edges. Any thoughts?


RE: glassing the cockpit

hmmm, that didn't work

RE: glassing the cockpit

I was able to see your picture at:



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