done a C18, now for a S16

It's been one hellish year fer me as I tried to get the Chesapeake 18 done least a normal time frame. We decided to move out of the not-so-big town to a place out in the sticks that had a garage (a double yet!). Moved. I could make this a long story (yes I really can beleive me I can) so long story short...then broke a to work while in physio...suddenly found wife and I as activists  against a (very) ill concieved by the county dump site which took up major (read- all) part of my free time. Finally got kayak done (phew...a breath) Now...finally...i can clean out garage so i can build me a Sassafras or two...or three. do i need to buy plans to build? I have the book.

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RE: done a C18, now for a S16

So I should say if I build more than 1 Sassafras what are my obligations

RE: done a C18, now for a S16

Someone here will tell you about the royalties to CLC; they're not prohibitive at all, as I recall, but I don't know the exact figure.

Sounds like a good plan... build several at once!  A production run, so to speak.


RE: done a C18, now for a S16

What does the book say about building rights? The restrictions follow the medium in which the intellectual property (plans) are released to the public. If the book doesn't limit the number of boats you can build from the plans in the book, you're fine, as long as you use only the plans in the book (and you own a legal copy of the book). Otherwise, you are bound by the restrictions which the author has placed in the book.

If you buy the plans from CLC, you are bound by a different set of restrictions, which are usually detailed on page 1 of the plans.


RE: done a C18, now for a S16

When I asked to buy plans for Sassafras all that appears is- the book that I have. So the book must be the plans as it has all measurements and since it has all 3 Sassafrases in it I would feel  confidant that I am allowed to build a;; 3 versions...solo 12, the 14 and the 16. The 14 has sort of fallen off the popularity charts. I will go through the book (no hardship for me at all) to find any limitations- what my obligations are as far as royalties and such. As well I will go over the plans of the C18 that I built to search for the restrictions, how they are worded. I may have to have a word with the chief of CLC or the auther/designer of the book/Sassafras design


RE: done a C18, now for a S16

Finally, I have been cutting okoume (pronounced oh-coo-may?) for my sass 16. I am nearly certain my daughter will want one if not now as I cut planks for it, more so after my stack of parts becomes a true floating entity, with apparent soul, life as it were. I have found that with some judicial juggling of patterns, one sass 16's parts can be extracted from as few as 3 sheets of okoume. Yes, that is 4 copies of each half-plank, 2 bulkheads with enough sheet left for decks if I choose not to use some solid wood for these. There will be deckplates in the bulkheads to store small objects of little weight which much prefer to be dry. Next step is ti refine the shapes of the planks, then rabbeting. on. 

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