Two questions

First: I plan on mounting my hatch holddowns and other things using the "drill,fill,drill" espoused by the CLC builders. I assume you still have to use silicon caulk to keep water from infiltrating around the bolts into the kayak. Correct?

Second: I am getting ready to drill the holes in the bow and stern for rope handles. Do all of you seal the wood on both side of the boat with epoxy or just varnish the now bare wood between outside and inside of hull? Seems like epoxy might be tougher for wear and tear. But, I have not built a kayak before this WD12, so I don't know which is the best solution. Thanks.

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RE: Two questions

1. Not if you don't drill through the epoxy.

2. I coated the holes with epoxy for exactly the reason you mention.



RE: Two questions

1. If you do not drill through the wood (eg. into the shear clamp)you only need to epoxy).

2. Where ever you drill through the wood you should epoxy the hole to seal the bare wood


Dave B

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