Nordkapp repair

Hi everybody!

I'm your new forum buddy from Croatia. Hope I'll find lot of usefull tips and tricks here as share mine with you.

This is my first post on CLC forum and its regarding reparation of the hull on my 20+ year old Nordkapp HM. It's in pretty good shape but the gelcoat has lot of cracks/scrathes. My idea after talking to some people is that the work flow should go like this:

-wash kayak and dry it

-remove any loose gelcoat

-fill the cracks with polyester kit (putty I think you call it)

-sand to 220-240

-paint with gelcoat or polyurethane paint

 How this sounds? If I skiped any process please tell. My biggest concern is what to use for painting, can I do it by myself with a brush or a roller, advantages/dissadvantages of gelcoat vs paint, specially in terms of money?


If anyone could guide me through the steps I would appreciate it.




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RE: Nordkapp repair


Here's a recent post regarding finishes - spraying vs. rolling or brushing.  Might find some useful tips here:

Sorry but I'm not much of a finisher, especially a re-finisher.  Hope this helps,


RE: Nordkapp repair



picture of current state


RE: Nordkapp repair


RE: Nordkapp repair

more detailed pic

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