need help w Chesse 16

I am in the middle of stitching my Chesse 16, the first couple of feet went fine, but as I get closer to attaching the side panels to the bottom panels near the middle, it appears as thought they will not meet properly?.  When I tried to push down the bottom panels to get them flatter, it buckled in the middle, please see photos. I have the center support in, but it seems wide than the actual bottom panels will reach?  Should I take out some stitches, put in only stitches a couple of feet first, then go back.  One thing I noticed is that although I loosened up the bottom stitches, they still seem to be holding tight?  Any help is greatly appreciated.


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RE: need help w Chesse 16


Take the spreader stick out of the side panels, at least long enough to make it easy to wire the sides to the bottom.  When you right the hull, gravity will help the bottom panels fall into proper alignment.  Gravity's working against you right now.

RE: need help w Chesse 16


Mine (Chese 17) did exactly what yours is doing... what I found helpful was to pull the sides toward the bottom using clear packing tape.  It was wierd at first, but as I continued down the sides, all things came together as they're supposed to.  And as John said, when you turn it over and suspend it from 4 "sticks", gravity will make it hang as it's designed to do. 

Keep wiring, everything will come together as it should.  I was quite surprised after mine was completely wired up.

Good luck, keep taking pictures, and happy building.  It's a great project,


RE: need help w Chesse 16

I notice from your photo (aside: adding photos of problems is a great idea!) that you've already tightened the stitches along the chine.  I suggest backing them off about as far as you can, and then proceeding with the stitching down the keel.  Then, only after everything is loosely stitched together and the wood can shift around a little, start slowly tighteneing the stitches.  Keep checking for fairness as you do this!  I had run into the same problem, and found that by slowly tightening, things came together pretty nicely.  It adds a little time, but the results are worth it.

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