Can anyone tell me if the stitch and glue boat plans are available in centimetres rather than inches? We use the metric system on the european continent. Thanks

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RE: metric

Since the CLC and most other S&G plans are printed as full size templates, it doesn't matter what measurement system you use. Nevertheless, the CLC plans I have for a Wood Duck are annotated in both inches and metric. I assume the others are too. -Wes

RE: metric

Hi 8250...

The full-size plans for my Wood Duck 12 (or "Wood Duck 3.66", if you will) doesn't have any measurements in metric OR English.  The outlines are simply printed on paper sheets and transferred directly to wood to be cut out.  The only measurements I've had to use are ones I've taken myself to lay things out.

Other boats may have plans in the form of measurements...other members here may be able to tell you if this is so.




RE: metric

Ahem, after reading twofoot's remark, maybe I should say, "...doesn't have any measurements that I've noticed or needed."

RE: metric

Look again. The dual measurements appear on the sheet that shows the plan, profile and lines drawings. -Wes

RE: metric

My Chese 17 plans only had inches.  I'm thinking 8250 might have to move to England to build his yak...?

Just kidding.

Good luck,


RE: metric

Oh my goodness...I've been building a unit-less kayak!  That's a lot of hours down the drain.

RE: metric

We could always send you one of our cool measuring tapes that are metric on side and inches on the other, then you don't have to convert anything. They come in so handy for me because the only thing I use metrics for is the nuts and bolts on my American made car.

RE: metric

Everything on the Pocketship plans and manual is in metric and imperial.


RE: metric

Thanks for the feed back. just got in a panic with the inches. sorted it now. actually easier. 8250


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