Epoxying strakes BEFORE stitching?

I'm building an Annapolis Wherry--my first build. I've been wondering whether to put a first coat of unthickened epoxy on the upper strakes before stitching them together. (I'd only do the upper strakes which aren't going to have fiberglass applied.) Advantages I see is that a it should be quite easy to apply the fiberglass and sand smooth while the planks are sitting flat. I'd apply the second coat once everything is together, at the time prescribed in the directions.

Any thoughts/advice most appreciated.



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RE: Epoxying strakes BEFORE stitching?

My humble opinion says no. Epoxying these will stiffen them and that will not alow the panels to bend into the prescribed shape.

RE: Epoxying strakes BEFORE stitching?

I did coat my strakes before stitching with 3 coats of unthickened epoxy. Worked well for me. It also prevents your stitch holes from enlarging when you are adjusting things and tightening the stitches down Don't coat the rabbits or anywhere you will be applying glass cloth, you won't get as strong a bond as you will with a wood to wood or cloth to wood contact.

RE: Epoxying strakes BEFORE stitching?

It takes a while for epoxy to achieve a complete cure, so there will be a period of time when the epxy is cured well enough to handle, but not enough to be too stiff to bend. The exact time depends mostly on temeperature.

Unfortunately, the easiest sanding happens once the epoxy has reached full cure. That's the point when sharp sandpaper produces fine dust, instead of a gum which packs your paper.

So if what you're looking for is easier sanding, it doesn't really work all that well. But if you're looking for more complete coating with easier access and reduced drips, it can work just fine. And since fewer drips reduces the amount of sanding needed, it can even help reduce the overall sanding time.



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