Wax over varnish???

Does anyone do it?

Thinking of doing it before I put my deck rigging back on permanently after finishing the last of the varnish.

My reason for doing so would be for after using in saltwater, hose it off quick and should be done. I noticed hosing the varnish in the past didn't do much for me, still spotted white afterwards. Not lazy for washing by any means, just very tired at the end of the day, sure many of you guys know what I mean.

Or maybe a straight marine polish if not wax? Anyway, I would be interested to know what you guys do for your saltwater kayaks, if anything.

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RE: Wax over varnish???

The hose off may be only diluting the salt water on your deck. A fresh water wash with Joy or Dawn and a wipe down with a synthetic chamois is what the deck crews on yachts do. Any spots will dry away. Wax probably won't help. SEEYA Jack 

RE: Wax over varnish???

I have to agree with the first Jack, wax probably won't help, and it could really mess you up in a future refinish job.  Varnish will not stick to wax so, if you ever needed to refinish, you'd have to make sure every bit of wax ws gone from the entire surface.  It's possible, but for the minimal gain why take the chance?

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