what color dory

im planning on building the dory and i like the color scheme on the on in th picture gallery [the first 7 pics or so] is that sea green?also id like to hear from folks that built one and are using it for rowing .i plan to do some ocean rowing and scuba diving from it . how does it handle seas? and how does it compare to a kayak for speed?

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RE: what color dory

That's CLC's Dory which I believe is black. Mine is navy blue and I can't find a pic that shows the color any better than CLC's. In fact if you check out the pics of our boats side by side on the OkoumeFest 2009 link here they look the same color. Green would work just fine, in my opinion. As far as how it handles, I had mine out in rough water and hard winds on the Gulf coast and it had no problem handling it. There were two of us in the boat, a total of 300 pounds or so. Dory's are designed to handle heavy seas with heavy loads. I hate rowing, give me a kayak any day of the week, but it had a good glide even with the conditions. Those who love rowing really like the boat so it must be ok! There are some people who might be able to row faster than a kayak, others who couldn't, so it's hard to compare performance. Again, I'll stick with a kayak...

George K

RE: what color dory

Paint it red. Everbody knows red is faster.  8 ^ )

RE: what color dory

I plan to do some ocean rowing and scuba diving from it .

You might want to ask someone who has one how re-entry is. The transom is at an angle. Not sure how easy it is to climb back into the Dory.



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