Transporting the Annapolis Wherry

I've been thinking about building the Annapolis Wherry and was wondering if anyone who has one could comment on their experiences transporting it.

I have a pickup truck so I can't envision cartopping it so that pretty much means a trailer. However, I like the idea of launching this craft at locations that may not have a boat ramp ... has anyone tried carrying this baby on their own into the water? At nearly 18' in length and 65 lbs (plus the weight of the rowing unit), it seems it may be a bit ungainly for one person to handle? Plus, with the rowing unit riggers sticking out, that may make it even more awkward for one person to handle. I like the idea of just taking the boat out on a whim without having to go to an established (and probably crowded) boat ramp and without needing assistance to get it into the water. Is this realistic? Thanks!

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RE: Transporting the Annapolis Wherry

I've been eyeing this little baby myself:

The tricky part of course would be getting it from the trailer to the dolly.

And then there's this one:

Says you can put a hitch attatchment on it for low-speed hauling.  Kinda nifty to be able to hook it up to the car, haul it down the road, unhitch it and walk the boat to the beach.

RE: Transporting the Annapolis Wherry

Thanks Jayhawk, I like the small boat dolly idea. I can envision sliding the boat off the trailer enough to fasten the stern onto the dolly, then lifting the bow free of the trailer and wheeling it down to the water. Cool.

RE: Transporting the Annapolis Wherry

Truck topping is perfectly feasible if you want to do it. That's my 100 lb+ dinghy sitting on top of my truck. It's supported on T-Rac ladder racks (which are good for 700+ lbs).The Wherry would extend beyond the front of the truck.

The trick to getting it on and off the truck is a dolly with a cradle which fits the top of the transom. The dolly is attached and the boat slid off the back of the truck until the wheels touch the ground. Then it's rolled back until the front is low enough to grab, at which point the boat is rolled down to the water's edge. and flipped. With the much lighter Wherry, it should be easier than with my boat.

My dolly is a home made affair, made of scrap wood, leftover epoxy and inflatable wheelbarrow wheels from the hardware store. The only out-of-pocket cost was the wheels.

One final note - the rear rack has a custom-fitted cover made of 3-inch PVC pipe. The PVC is gentler on the boat than aluminum, and allows the boat to slide more easily.

The trailer is prbably less effort, especially singlehanded, but trucktopping has its advantages, too, and is quite doable.



RE: Transporting the Annapolis Wherry

I've recently finished building a wherry and have been car topping it on my pickup  with no problem. I have been using a small dolly to get it to the water. I've been launching on a boat ramp. Not sure how it would work out in a non boat ramp situation. Depends on the surface you are launching from. i slide the boat off the back of the rack and set the transom down on the ground. Then lift the bow off and roll/flip the boat over upright and lower it onto the pre-placed dolly all in one motion. Then wheel it down to the water bow first all the way to the dolly wheels. Then pick up the stern and the bow floats. Toss the dolly in and row away. I'll try to attach some pics. Or look here

RE: Transporting the Annapolis Wherry

Thanks to all for your excellent comments and pictures. I have all winter to mull over my options while I build the boat :)

Thanks Again.

RE: Transporting the Annapolis Wherry

i have the tube style hitch and am planning on making an L shaped extension level with the bed , welding a y on top and putting some rollers on it  so the boww sits on the floor of the bed and the sten is supported by the extension i can the just roll it off the back and dont have to try and get the boat 7  feet in  the air

RE: Transporting the Annapolis Wherry

Roof rack vendors such as Thule make racks for trucks.  I have rowed with a guy who carries an Annapolis Wherry on one.  Also, if you can keep the bare boat down to around 65 pounds you can carry it to the water and then install the rowing rig.  I load and unload my MC 16.5 (65 lbs) from my Land Rover, by myself and carry it to water's edge.  Install rowing rig and oars, throw in a sponge and life jacket, and row away.  Carrying it up hill from the water, in dry sand, is a bit of a task, but doable, even with a 62-year old body.

Paul G

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