stayed or unstayed mast

I'm building a sailrig MK2 that will be mostly used on my glass Wilderness Systems  Northstar tandem. I've got a nice modern windsurf rig that I'm going to use for the sail (full batten, mylar, carbon mast), its 6.5sqm. I cant decide if I can get away with an unstayed rig or not. If I go unstayed I'll probably use a 4-5'length of the biggest thick walled aluminum tubing I can fit in the mast as a mast base that would run to the bottom of the boat for the rig to slide over. Otherwise I'll use the stock rubber joint on the mast base and 3 stays. I'd prefer to use the unstayed rig because I'll be able to depower the sail be easing it beyond 90deg. But I'm worried about snapping the mast without stays. Anyone got any informed opinions out there???

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RE: stayed or unstayed mast

If the rig was unstayed on the windsurfer, it won't need stays on the kayak, at least not on the mast/sail's account.

Boats need stays if the mast partner is not sized and supported well enough to resist all the sideways forces generated by the sail rig. Don't know what your boat's scantlings are, so I'm not going to make any recommendations.

Finally, I would not go with the aluminum tubing. That's putting too much unnecessary weight up too high. I'd go with a traditional mast step and mast partner arrangement.

I've got a rotating unstayed boomless sprit rig on my sailing dinghy (CF mast & sprit) and I'm very happy with the convenience of no stays, so I understand where you're coming from.

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