glassing rub rails?

What are the pros or cons by adding the rub rails before glassing the deck?  I thought I would add the rails, round over the outside edge and glass down the side of the rail.

Thanks djohns

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RE: glassing rub rails?


I just glassed my hull today... I don't have/won't add rub rails but it seems you'd have trouble getting 6 oz glass to lay over that small a hump.  I played a lot to get the glass over the chines of my hull without leaving the glass up off the wood, I wouldn't have wanted to try and get it into a crease (where the rail meets the hull) and then over that small radius.

Again, haven't done it but that's my thinking.

Good luck,


RE: glassing rub rails?

Rub Rails after glassing.  Larry's point is valid.  My opinion:  rub rails are essential and not just cosmetic.  if you put in next to any kind of dock the rub rails bear most of the damage.  If you glass them (somehow) then you're setting yourself up for an annoying maintenance situatuation.  rather than just touchup varnishing or painting, you now have a reglassing project on your hands every off-season.

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