Annapolis Double Wherry?

Quoting JohnCLC from the topic on the drop-in rowing rigger shortage:

"...a tandem version of the Annapolis Wherry imminent."

I'm very interested in this kit and wonder if the CLC designers could provide us with a few tidbits about it.  Prior to looking through this forum I was disparing because the hull I had fallen in love with for my first home build ever was only available for a single rower.  This one has the merrywherry beat hands-down but only Wayland Marine offers a double wherry (theirs don't have the sexy lap strake lines of the Annapolis though.)

 So a couple questions:

-What is the projected release of the tandem Annapolis?

-Will plans ever be available for the Annapolis Wherries so one could try building it from scratch?  

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RE: Annapolis Double Wherry?


Did you ever get a reply to your question about plans for the Annapolis Wherry? I'd like to build the Tandum Wherry in glued plywood lapstrake. A set of plans would be all I needed to get started. Thanks.

Rob Caveney, Oahu, Hawaii

RE: Annapolis Double Wherry?

oh hello there,


If you haven't found it yet, the tandem wherry kit is already in production and I plan on ordering one next month.

 here you are:

RE: Annapolis Double Wherry?

err, I mean here:

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