Only Screw-up

I glued an only onto my hybrid deck yesterday.  thought I should sand the edge a bit so the glass will make the transition over the edge.  Went to far and erased the wood grain on the edges of the onlyay.  Did I not need to sant this?  Was there some backing that added to the thickness that I should have removed?  If I had added a couple of layers of unthickened epoxy on top would that have smoothed teh transition?

At this point I need to decide whether to live with the mess or sand it all off and start over.  At least with the hybrid deck I have some material to work with.  Comments please.


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RE: Only Screw-up

Well mistakes always look the worst right after you have made them:) Maybe in a day or two you'll be thinking, "I meant to do that!"

I used some very thin veneer to cut out an onlay on my last kayak. That veneer did not have any backing. I smoothed over the edges of the onlay, leaving them just the thinnest shade proud, and put a few thin layers of epoxy over it, which did fill in the transition just a little. You can see a slight bump there where it is under the glass. But you wouldn't likey notice it unless you were looking for it.

Good luck, hope it works out ok.


Ogata, eric

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