Pocketship wins award at MASCF

First place in a category I didn't catch. The prize went to John Harris for the Pocketship. Unfortunately, he wasn't there to collect it.

John, George asked me to pass along how much he enjoyed sailing the Pocketship solo. He says don't worry about the scratches, they'll buff right out, he'll try to get that puddle cleaned up by tomorrow and those were Radio Shack speakers, right?

Congratulations on your award.



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RE: Pocketship wins award at MASCF

The reports of me and Pocketship have been greatly exagerated. Actually Laszlo was first mate.....

George K.

RE: Pocketship wins award at MASCF

... and it was a 3-hour tour :-)

All silliness aside, John really did win a prize for Pocketship at MASCF. I got to the pavillion where the awards were being passed out just in time to hear them call out the first place award, but I was too late to catch the category. But we all knew that the Pocketship was a winner already. My guess is that this is just the first of a string of awards that it'll be taking home.



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