Footbrace snafu -- need advice


I installed inside mount footbraces on my Shearwater, only to find that one of the bolts (deep inside the cockpit of course!) won't accept a nut. I'm certain there are no duct tape shreds in the threads.

Short of trying to cement with peanut butter epoxy injected into the hole, do you have any advice for stabilizing that end of the footbrace?


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RE: Footbrace snafu -- need advice

Hi Curran,

If you can get hold of the right size die nut or button die, run it down the thread to remove any burr or epoxy you may get the nut to start that way.

Good luck with that.



RE: Footbrace snafu -- need advice

It worked! Thanks for the suggestion. Lucky I have a friend with an extensive collection of tap and die tools. :)

 Varnish here I come.

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