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i was looking at the kaholo pictures and some of the boats have a design on the front of the deck is this some sort of decal or what. also for folks that ahve emade one how do you like paddling it

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RE: deck designs kaholo

Can't help much on decorating your Koholo but I can tell you I finished mine in July and have enjoyed paddling on several local lakes and resevoirs. Several friends who have tried it have had a little trouble with balance and ended up in the lake - others have no trouble.  The boat is pretty fast and easily keeps up with my friends in their plastic kayaks. 

I was put off by the cost of paddles so I made a couple of stabs at making my own. First, I tried to make a "greenland stick" out of a 2X4.  Worked reasonably well but a little to stingy if there was any wind.  I have been using a paddle made out of a clear pine 2X6 which works nicely.

RE: deck designs kaholo

I read about the kaholo deck designs somewhere, I can't find it now. And hopefully someone who actually knows what they are talking about will speak up. But my recollection is that the deck patterns were created by glassing over regular printed fabric of some kind. Go to a fabric store and take a look at some of the brightly colored, printed fabrics. That might be it.


Ogata, eric

RE: deck designs kaholo

ive seen a lot of the paddle boards in my area lately and they look like fun ,and im running out of space to put kayaks but i think i can just fit the koholo in my garage

RE: deck designs kaholo

ogata you are correct about the decorative fabrics. link:

RE: kaholo Traction pads

I'm almost finished building my Kaholo and was wondering if owners find the traction pad supplied by CLC to be easy on the feet, easy to keep clean?  I've seen a number of different sized traction pads on the Kaholo and thought perhaps there's a reason why folks are subsituting or if the pads supplied by CLC have simply changed/evolved.  Thanks for assistance

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