Cuttting wood for Chesse 16

Okay, I triple checked the measurements for the Chesse 16 I am building, made my cut panels and sanded them down to the lines drawn, however, when I layed the bottom panels out, they did not seem to line up properly?  Meaning, at the widest end they match up edge to edge, but in certain spots along the way there is a gap of up to 1/2 inch and then it comes back together, before spreading out again before the end?  I cut them at the same time as recommended, so each panel is identical.  Without seeing this, did I screw up somehow, or does this sound normal?  When I stich the panels together will the close the gap and come together?  If not, is there anyway to repair a half inch gap as I described?  HELP.

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RE: Cutting wood for Chesse 16

Flat is not the way they will fit together.  I don't know that boat but I would guess they may fit if you positioned the pieces as they would be stitched.  Such as a vee shape if it was a bow piece?



RE: Cuttting wood for Chesse 16

I'm building the Chesse 17 and had similar gaps along the bottom center seam.  It looks odd when they're laid next to each other, but as you stitch the center line together, forming the bottom V, you'll start to see the correct shape from bow to stem... it's not a straight line (at least not on mine).  It should all come together as you tighten down the center wires.

Good luck... post pics if you can,


RE: Cuttting wood for Chesse 16

Okay, done with putting together the bottom/ side panels and glueing on the sheer clamps to the side panels.  I'm still concerned about how the bottom panels look side by side before I stitch?  They touch on the center but flare out up to an inch or more on the ends?  I know it is said it will "stitch back together", however, I would prefer to make changes before I start stitching if I have to.  How can I post photos on here for someone to look at? Can I make adjustments after stitiching and how loose should I keep the stitches?  Thanks fo any help you can give me.

RE: Cuttting wood for Chesse 16


Use a photo venue to host your pictures (i.e., upload them... I use ).  Once uploaded, you'll get several "tag lines"... copy the one that starts with [IMG... and paste that into your message here.  Once you paste and hit return, it becomes an active link to your picture.  Here's an example:


Also:  Select "MESSAGE BOARD" for your photo size, fits best on these forums; delete the [IMG] and [/IMG] from each end of your pasted text to activate the link.  Incidently, this is how my bottom looked once I finished wiring....

Good luck,


RE: Cuttting wood for Chesse 16

If it was as you want it would be a flat bottom.  Take a look at 40 pics of the Chesapeake 16 construction.

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