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 I am almost done with my C17 build, and am approaching the stage where I need to install the seat, and eventually, the deck rigging.  What type of glue do you recommend to attach the seat (I have the standard tractor seat) to the bottom of the hull, and to seal the webbing loop holes from water penetration?  Any advice would be appreciated. 



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RE: Glue Question

Not sure about gluing the seat in, but CLC sells a 3M sealant for sealing screws in the deck (as in those holding the webbing loops on).  Smear a little on/in the hole and around the screw and it seals up like caulk.  Check their online store.

Someone else should be along to answer the seat-glue question.

Wish I were as far along as you are... lots of pieces/parts to these boats!


RE: Glue Question

If you are talking the mini cell foam seats you can use contact - rubber glue. So far I have just used vlecro tape with a sticky back.

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