Choosing a boat

I want to build either a Chesapeake 16 or a Shearwater 16 / 17: anyone in Oakland or Macomb Counties, Michigan, have one or the other that I could see. Thanks

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RE: Choosing a boat

i built the shearwater 17 with a skeg and a creature comfort seat and im convinced its  the perfect kayak im not in your area but thats my 2cents worth

RE: Choosing a boat

Thanks Greg,

Did you add the skeg after testing or based on prior knowledge.

I'm a novice, 5'10 / 165lb / size 11 shoe: would it work for me?

RE: Choosing a boat


I am about 90% done with the construction phase of my C17, and while I realize that it is not the specific boat that you were interested in seeing, feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you want to come have a look.  I am located in New Hudson (area code 48165), specifically at the New Hudson airport (I am building inside a hangar). 

Let me know if you are interested in seeing the boat.


RE: Choosing a boat

if you get as far west as iowa...

...let me know.

i have a petrel, west river 18 and chesapeake 16 you could try...

RE: Choosing a boat

Thank you

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