Chesapeake Double

My new kit was delivered a few days ago.  I am thrilled at how well this kit is put together. Even the panels have been scarfed and carefully packaged.  No detail seems to be overlooked.  For those who may be considering a build, the kit is an excellent value.  Get The New Kayak Shop too!  I've had it for a couple years and it is a great resource. 

I've got the shears and bottom glued up already and have begun stitching. 

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RE: Chesapeake Double

Enjoy the stitching... mine was hard on my back/arms/shoulders (reaching up under the hull, then climbing out... numerous times!).  It's also very rewarding to watch your boat form as you proceed... when you're done you see the coming resultant shape of your kayak!

Good luck and enjoy,


RE: Chesapeake Double

The stitching went well.  I have  couple very coppery stitch lines and just need to tighten up the lines. I went in to get a couple sawhorses and used my old rack that I built for my wee lassie to flip it over to get the rest of the stitches in place.  I have the bulkheads temporarily in until I get them trimmed up for a better fit.  Things look very nice so far.  Very nice kit-- lines were done up very well and the fit is great!

RE: Chesapeake Double

Sounds dreamy!!  From what I hear/read, the CLC kits are very well put together.  I built my Chese 17 LT-Modified from plans, and the plans were / are excellent, but I'm starting to understand the phrase "these plans are a point of departure..." as some of my parts, taken from the plans (e.g., bulkheads) don't fit exactly.  But everything on my boat looks good, fits well enough and is straight and true.  The dimensions given for the hull were perfect.

If you can, take some pics (I'm keeping a photo diary for future reference, as I plan to build a couple more of these), and post them here for you/our enjoyment.  I love watching these things come together.

Keep us posted,


RE: Chesapeake Double

I have taken a few pics and am really happy with how things are shaping up.  I'll see if I can post some of them, Larry.  I've got the filleting done and the taping as of today and will get a couple shots of it before I turn it over.  Having built a scratchbuild myself, I can tell you there is quite a difference with the kit.  VERY little adjusting on this one. Thanks of responses and the insights on your build.

Chesapeake Double--stitch wires

I started clipping the copper wires after the fillets dried.  The do leave the wires a touch proud.  I decided to hold the wire with my clippers and rock the wire back and forth until it broke.  The wires have all broke slightly below the surface of the wood which has cut down on sanding the wires (just the few that I clipped).  Remember to not squeeze too tight on the wire with your clippers...  Has anyone else tried this out?  It worked really well on my double. 

RE: Chesapeake Double

i used a pair of "flush cut" wire cutters that i found in the "wire jelwery making" dept. At the local hobby store(like micheals) cut them very flush...a real time saver. i have heard of people heating the wire up with a small torch or large solder iron and pulling the wire out...saves weight...ah sure it does. 

RE: Chesapeake Double

Actually, the trick is to tack the seams together with a small bead of thin epoxy/wood flour leaving the areas close to the wires unglued. Then the next day, you pull out all the wires. You won't need a torch because the wires are not glued in. This allows you to run much thinner fillets since the wires are no longer in the way. The reduced size of the fillet can save a significant amount of weight, the longer the boat, the more you will save. It also allows you to avoid any problems clipping or knocking down the wire ends before glassing the hull exterior.

Well worth the minor trouble in my opinion. But it works just fine to leave the wires in too. You'll just need to run thicker, heavier fillets to get over and around them.


Ogata, eric.

RE: Chesapeake Double

Finished and launched on Steamboat Island near Olympia, WA.  We built a couple greenland paddles and they worked great.

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