Stripper meterage

Has any body got an idea of how much linear measyrement of strips that are required for the various strip built boats that are sold here please. I have not been able to work out how many and how much to machine up or each boat prior to deciding which one to build.

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RE: Stripper meterage

The kit descriptions include the linear feet for each design. Basically, 1000 linear feet of 3/4" material will give you plenty for a 17' kayak. 1/3 the material for just the deck. Remember, add the bead stock to your figuring- 3/4" EXPOSED.


RE: Stripper mete rage

Go to Product Catalog/Boat Plans/Strip Planked Designs and select a boat.

 Scroll down and select Materials List for Plans Builders.

There you will see listed the total feet in strips needed.


RE: Stripper meterage

Forget the 1/3 for the deck- go with the 'book'


RE: Stripper meterage

Thanks people,

That will teach to to read all the information that is given.

Happy Building!!

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