epoxy on rub rails

Do you need to epoxy coat the mahogany rub rails or do you just need to varnish them?  It was not called out in the manual for the PMD.



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RE: epoxy on rub rails

For what it's worth from this novice, epoxy is a sure fire way to waterproof the wood, despite that it adds weight.  We epoxied the rub rails on our Skerry just for the extra waterproofing.  Then we sanded and varnished over them with the high gloss marine varnish.   It's worth the extra effort in my opinion.  Best,  Bob H.

RE: epoxy on rub rails


 Thanks for the reply.  I have already started to coat them.


RE: epoxy on rub rails

Ron, you won't be sorry.  Unless the epoxy gives you fits like fisheyes or something.  But even then, the rub rails are somewhat easily sanded down and you will still have the basic epoxy coating for waterproofing.  Good luck!  best,  bob

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