seat cleat location

Building a mc 16.5-where in the instructions or plans does it show the locaton of the seat cleats?


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RE: seat cleat location

Measurements are all located on the plans. The scale is 1 1/2 inches = 1 foot. You will need one of those funny triangular looking rulers called an "architect's scale" to get all of the measurements... They are only a estimate as you will need to decide where to place them. Your best bet is to place the seats in the boat and mark the location accordingly, just make sure the rear seat does not hit the rear bulkhead with the seat-back as reclined as you think it will need to be.

Plans measured from the front bulkhead:

The front of the front seat cleat - 3' 1 1/4" (37 1/4")

The front of the rear seat cleat -  6' 10 3/4" (82 3/4")

I measured the placement of my MC 16.5 and got the following:

front -  38 1/4" rear - 84 1/4"

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